Bitterzoet event, Groningen (Gasunie & PSvdL event)

On the 7th of April 2017, Gasunie and PSvdL joined forces and co-hosted the Bitterzoet event. The day started off with a presentations from Bouke van der Velde (Gasunie) about their various New Energy initiatives and pilots projects throughout the Netherlands, such as the awesome Energy Live App. This was followed by a detailed presentation from Teun van der Weg (Suiker Unie), sharing his rich experience in the sugar producing industry with the audience. Who knew that the old sugar factory in Groningen was top of the world in its sugar yield, and that brown sugar is actually ‘unpure, low quality white sugar’?

The day transitioned smoothly towards a tour through the green gas production facility of Suiker Unie at Hoendiep, Groningen. By the end of the day, everybody was thirsty for a beer at BaxBier beer brewery, but not until they heard PSvdL’s enthousiastic beer brewing story and the many factors that influence the taste, color, smell and other beer characteristics. PSvdL is happy to announce that the second batch of their Session IPA Ipanema is now a fact!

Gasunie and PSvdL would like to thank the YEP members for their attendance and enthousiasm. Here are some pictures to remember it by.