PSvdL – Eneco event: ‘Where is the money in the energy sector?’

YEP2 On Friday May 20th the YEP event ‘Where is the money in the energy sector?’ organized by PSvdL and Eneco took place at Eneco World in Rotterdam. The event started with a presentation by Sicco van der Laan who showed that the margins in the wholesale gas market are very low and that energy companies are implementing several strategies (cost cutting, operational excellence and/or business model reassessment) to weather the storm. In search for improving current business and finding new business models, skills like forecasting, planning, trading and negotiating are valuable assets. These skills were used in a game specifically designed for this event by Casper Bodewitz. Participants were split up in several teams and challenged to use these skills to earn money in the grain business. The game was well received by the participants. After the game and a short break, Sven Renelt introduced the topic ‘Digitalization in the Energy sector – New data based business models’ where he was arguing that customer data is valuable and can serve as a base for new business models. Jorg van Heesbeen showed this by explaining about a spin-off from Eneco called Jedlix, which is able to connect the charging profile of the electric car with the availability of sustainable energy production. The last speaker Joost Jongejan introduced Eneco’s latest product, the Heat Winner, which is able to extract heat from air, thereby reducing the consumers demand for heat.YEP1

A lot ‘food for thought’ for the participants, which was actively discussed over dinner and drinks. Thanks to everyone for making this a successful event

Presentation: Business Models in the German Energy Market

Presentation: Value in the European Gas Market

Presentation: HeatWinner Eneco