Young Energy Professional as World Energy Leaders event (in cooperation with World Energy Council)

Date(s) - 19/09/2019

Energy Academy

Future Energy Leaders Workshop

New Energy Coalition is organizing the Future Energy Leaders Workshop in cooperation with the World Energy Council Netherlands (WEC) on Thursday 19 September in Groningen. During the workshop various presentations will be given in the context of the energy transition, the challenges that come with it and the role of leadership. Participating energy professionals will also jointly work out a key question in order to help develop a mindset for a future energy landscape.

New collaborations for the energy
The energy transition and the challenges that come with it require leadership. For companies to make a substantial contribution to making the industry more sustainable. For governments and policy makers by creating opportunities for the energy sector and for citizens to contribute to the future energy landscape. Leadership is not without cooperation. Intensive cooperation between companies, government and citizens is essential to actually realize the energy transition.

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