Within YEP, we see great potential to bind Dutch Young Professionals together in the field of energy. YEP wants to support to their personal development and contribute to the challenges in the energy society with a curious and energetic mindset. We believe in the importance of engaging Young Professionals in working towards a renewable energy society.


YEP wants to bind, inspire and develop Young Professionals in the Dutch energy sector.

It is the ambition of YEP and its members to be a unified platform for Young Professionals in the Dutch energy sector offering a variety of events and activities. By its offering, YEP wants to facilitate personal development and offer networking opportunities for its members. YEP supports learning from each other’s diverse perspectives with the aim of getting energised and empowered. By actively contributing to the challenges in the energy sector, YEP aims at engaging future leaders in energy.


YEP is an association with a diverse range of Young Professional from the energy sector. Currently YEP is formed by the young professional organisations of: Gasterra, Gasunie, Energy Delta Institute, Enexis, Essent, NAM and EDSN.