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Eneco Energy Trading Event

On March 25 more than 60 Young Energy Professionals from several energy companies came together in Rotterdam at the Eneco World building to listen to two exciting presentations and to experience the Eneco Trading Game. The first presentation was given by Manon Janssen. As the standard bearer of the top sector Energy she explained that the Dutch governmental strategy on Energy is focused on sustainability, de-centralization and cooperation. The second presentation given by Mark Belloni and Charel Hakkert was about the energy trading mechanisms and which role Eneco Energy Trade has at this moment and will have in the future. This last presentation was also an introduction to the trading game. On the basis of periodically posted newsletters, the 60 YEP’ers had to trade and take positions. After two hours of braintwisters, negotiations and calculations the winners of this trading game where announced. The day ended with drinks where some new contacts were created.

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